Honey export and organization of international supplies. Export honey from Russia.

Quality assurance, minimum order conditions, development of labels under your brand, the choice of packaging for packaging.

Our advantage

We have no suppliers, all delivered honey only from our apiary located in the Caucasus.

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Made by bee natural honey we are Packed, thereby to exclude falsification and damage of products.

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Select eco-friendly parts of the North Caucasus, for dispersal of bees and collecting honey from Russia.

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We don’t use antibiotics or other harmful drugs.

We don't feed sugar to bees.

Available: Declaration of conformity, test reports, HACCP and ISO certificates.

Production is included in the register of exporters.

Received permission to export honey to China. Delivery of natural honey from Russia to other countries the application procedure lasts up to 4 weeks.

The act of production survey is available on the website: cerberus.vetrf.ru. Our TPN for the search: 260133375108.

Bee yard apiary Krupelnitsky in the register of exporters

Selection of containers for honey export from Russia

Supply a Caucasian honey from the apiary: container – 33 kg,

Honey export (foto 12)

in buckets-30 kg,

Honey export (foto 13)

in glass jars, from 0,250 kg to 1.5 kg,

Honey export (foto 14)

also we can offer any container, depending on Your desire.

Label and packaging design

For the importing country in the supply of honey from Russia under the trademark "Bee yard" ready to change the design of all labels and make the transfer at their own expense.

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From the partner you need labeling requirements, a list of necessary information and an example.

Delivery of the real honey under the trademark of the customer is possible.

Honey export conditions to China, Vietnam, USA and other countries

Supply the goods according to Incoterms – FCA

We deliver the order to the transport company in any city. Logistics can be both from the customer and provided by us.

We work with trusted customs brokers and carriers. Calculate the approximate cost of delivery.

It is possible to collect packaged honey directly from the apiary on EXW terms.

Payment for the supplies of the exported honey

Ready to divide payment of the order in parts until shipment or transfer to the transport company.

We are ready to provide photos to confirm any stage of production - honey packaging, assembly and shipment.

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We deliver our Russian honey on a 100% prepayment basis. Payment can be divided in parts.