Apiary Tours

We offer you a fascinating excursion to the apiary.

You will see the whole inner world of the bee community: the hierarchy of their settlement in the hive, technologists and methods of keeping and breeding bees, a description of the process of producing natural honey, warm tea drinking, tasting of honey and beekeeping products.

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Moreover, this will not be a guided tour between two clues and a table, but a full visit to a real apiary, a visit to production facilities (a cell storage, a honey pumping shop, a bee winter farm, a warehouse, etc.).

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Tourists get the opportunity to look inside the bee hive, to observe the painstaking work of the bees in the vicinity. To do this, put on a hat and a beekeeper’s protective net, which always causes joyful emotions.

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As well as the guests of our apiary, a presentation will be held, the first in the Stavropol Territory, a wellness technique organized on the territory of the bee yard, namely hive therapy ("Sleep with Bees"). Sleeping on bee hives is the best vacation. You fall asleep broken and tired, and you wake up healthy and absolutely rested.