Honey "Summer"

Articul: 01-02

Brand: Apiary Krupelnytska

Honey plants: Coriander 70%, cornflower, black, sage, sunflower, etc.

Price: 4.30

The main honey plant of this type of honey is coriander. Coriander honey is one of the rarest and most useful varieties. The narrow area of distribution of the plant is explained by its whimsicality. Coriander can grow and bloom only in warm climates.

The composition of the drug includes a wide range of essential oils. As a result, honey is obtained from amber to light brown with a delicious caramel-medicinal aroma.

In addition, honey also has preservative and therapeutic properties that can both get rid of all sorts of diseases and strengthen the human immune system as a whole.

Here is just a small list of them:

  • antiseptic;

  • choleretic;

  • antispasmodic;

  • wound healing;

  • expectorant;

  • analgesic.

1 kg