Our apiary

Our apiary

Our apiary is a honey-breeding area. The main task is to obtain high-quality honey from spring herbs, white acacia and earthenware, that is, in the period before the fields are treated with pesticides.

  • Apiary Krupelnitsky

    We produce the highest quality natural honey. We do not use any additives for honey and feeding for bees. Our honey ripens in the hives and only after full maturation do we begin to pump it out.

  • 30 years on the market

    The history of our apiary has more than 30 years of successful production of honey and the development of an apiary. During this time, we learned how to get high-quality honey of both certain types of honey and honey from herbs.

  • We sell honey in bulk

    We are always happy to provide a discount to wholesale buyers of our products. It is possible to pack products by order of a wholesale buyer or sell in large buckets and containers at the request of the customer. For large batches of honey, we can even order an individual label on packaged products or stick yours.

  • Sale for export

    We export products to the countries of near and far abroad. For this, we have the necessary certificates and licences. Sale for export is carried out only in bulk.

  • Rest in the apiary

    At our "Bee yard" you can relax in the gazebos, drink aromatic tea with the best varieties of our honey. Try the service of sleep on the bees and feel the whole healing and calming effect of bees. You can also go fishing in our small and well-kept pond.

  • Sleep with Bees

    Try our service "Sleep with Bees", which has a calming and healing effect on the human body. Currently, this service has proven its healing properties and is starting to gain popularity in all of Russia. In the Stavropol Territory there are not many places that provide the opportunity to relax in the hives. One of these places is our BEE YARD.

  • Apiary Tours

    If you want, then we will give you a tour of our apiary. Let's talk about the life and breeding of bees, about the features of breeding in the North Caucasus. We will show devices and accessories for pumping out honey, bee winter houses and nuclei.

  • Comfortable cafe

    On the territory of our bee courtyard there is a comfortable cafe in which you can always have a cup of hot coffee or tea, as well as soft drinks with fine fresh honey. Taste delicious pancakes, cookies and cakes, specially prepared for your arrival.

Film about our Bee yard.